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Can I neuter/spay/desex my dogs as a vegan?

We have 2 male dogs and one younger female dog at home and all of them are intact. The problem is that our male dogs are aggressive and sometimes fight really hard over our female dog. My vet told me ...
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1 answer

What vegan or animal rights events have spread internationally?

In the past few years the environmentalism movement has seen large events like New York’s “People’s Climate March” turn into international events where many cities rallied around the same message. ...
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Has any government banned animal slaughter for human consumption? Was it effective for increasing animal rights?

Personally I think that it would be better to make animal slaughter illegal as to the extent which is possible. I feel that this would help to improve their conditions. However I am also aware that ...
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How can animal cruelty be considered legal based on "cultural heritage" argument?

I have read some information about foie gras controversy and have encountered this piece of information: "Until new scientific evidence on alternative methods and their welfare aspects is ...
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What are the main arguments against non-human animals holding intrinsic value?

The belief that animals hold intrinsic value is an important basis for animal rights. Wikipedia lists the main positions used as a basis for the intrinsic value of animals as: behaviouristic, ...
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In what ways do some consider animal rights issues to be connected to feminist issues?

Some vegans consider animal rights issues to be an intersectional social justice issue, and connect speciesism to various other isms. In what ways does this perspective consider animal rights issues ...
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