Questions tagged [animal-experimentation]

For questions asking about the effects and occurrences of testing on animals for human purposes, for example, testing medicines or cosmetics on non-human animal subjects.

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When a non-food product (e.g. shampoo) is labelled as "vegan", does this imply that no ingredients were tested on animals?

Various products including shampoos are labelled as "vegan" or "vegan-friendly". Does this exclude their containing ingredients tested on animals? (I have read this question and ...
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9 votes
1 answer

Are cosmetics which are tested on animals vegan?

Are cosmetics which are tested on animals considered vegan even if they only contain plant-based ingredients?
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9 votes
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Are all contact lenses vegan?

It has been asked before whether things (such as sugar, water, tea or condoms) that do not obviously involve the use of animal derivatives might or not be vegan. Here my question is about contact ...
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When did the modern vegetarian movement start?

I know there has been vegetarians all over the world throughout history. When did the modern "Western" movement start and who began it? I've been reading about anti-vivisection in the 1870s and I'm ...
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24 votes
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Is there any research method that could be used in place of animal experimentation?

Medical research is currently progressing on a non-vegan path. Although it's a widespread opinion that objectives are attained and benefits are eventually gained by humanity, this is surely done at ...
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