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CO2 and CH4 calculations

I would like to get the following information. The information was The amount of: CO2 (carbon dioxide) CH4 (methane) Produced in humans cattle taking an adult animal as a reference through the ...
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Book manufacturing – what to look out for?

Which parts of a book, or steps in the manufacturing of books, could be non-vegetarian or non-vegan? A leather cover would be an obvious example. I also read that animal glue gets used. Anything else?...
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How do you identify cheese made with animal rennet?

The process of turning milk into cheese involves using an enzyme called chymosin. Traditionally in the West, chymosin was obtained from rennet, a substance extracted from the stomachs of dead baby ...
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Was PETA's support of lab grown meat that used calf blood vegan?

PETA supported lab grown meat that used fetal calf serum even though it apparently may have involved slaughter. Is this support of a process that may involve slaughter considered vegan?
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is QIN Leather, used for smartphone cases, vegan?

Recently I have been looking at smartphone cases and I am not sure what to make of what the QIN leather means when listed as a material. In some of the products, there is explicitly written QIN PU ...
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