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How have dairy farms been repurposed?

I'm looking for instances, ideally small family farms exhibited in news articles, for converting their farm into an industry not centered around animals. It would be great if you can include ...
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What happens when an animal gets spooked on the way to slaughter and refuses to continue?

Apologies if this isn't appropriate for this SE - it was the most relevant one I could find. When animals are being led to slaughter, I imagine it must happen occasionally that one gets the sense ...
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Does growing crops kill more animals than raising cows on pasture?

In 2003, Steven L. Davis published an analysis in the Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics which speculates: Is it possible that some other agricultural production alternatives may ...
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How prevalent is the use of animal matter in organic farming compared to conventional farming?

USDA regulations for organic farming permit the use of some fertilizers, include animal manure, bone meal, but restrict the use of synthetic fertilizer (which usually do not come from animal sources). ...
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How much land and water is used for farming animals?

I am curious how much arable land and water is used in the production of meat, dairy, eggs, and other farmed-animal products. This should include the resources used for production of the feed for the ...
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What are the well-evidenced effects of animal agriculture on the environment?

What are some well-evidenced effects that animal agriculture has on the environment? A good answer would provide summaries of the key effects along with strong references to back up the claims.
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Why are agricultural subsidies directed primarily towards animal agriculture?

In the US, 63% of agricultural subsidies support meat and dairy production1. I've heard that other countries also direct more money towards animal agriculture than to other agricultural activities. ...
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How effective is farming crops without animal derived fertilizer?

It is sometimes claimed that materials such as manure are important to attain high yields of crops. While I know that it's possible to farm using only vegan materials, e.g. 'veganic' farming, I'm ...
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Is the use of pesticides considered vegan?

While sometimes considered indispensable for crops protection, pesticides are basically weapons of mass destruction aimed at insects and other animals that eat crops. Can food produced with the aid of ...
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Which crops involve the least collateral harm when grown/harvested? [closed]

Some crops can harm animals indirectly while grown/harvested. Researcher Brian Tomasik has tried to do some rough estimates: for example, legumes appears to inflict less accidental suffering than ...
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Many plants need animals to grow (pollination, worms digging up the soil, etc.); when is it still vegan? [closed]

Many plants need animals to grow, for example, by relying on pollination or on worms digging up the soil. Usually, animals arrive naturally to perform those roles, but in some circumstances, people ...
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