I would like to know whether there are some vegan gummy sweets (like Haribo gummy bears and such) available in traditional, brick and mortar shops in the UK.

I have searched on the internet but I have either found just online shops offering these, or vegetarian gummy sweets or one type of vegan gummy sweets with Coca-Cola flavour which is not really my thing.


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Marks and Spencer seem to have a few options, I found a list here of their vegan foods (confectionery starts on page 4), this link is dated 10th Feb 2017, but includes an email contact to get an up-to-date list.

I've only tried the Mocktail Jellies, which are quite a bit softer than a Haribo type sweet, but some of the other sweets on the list seem like they might be closer to what you're after.


I don't know if the German brand Haribo is available in the UK, they (and probably others) make a kind of vegan gummy.

While they sell dozens of different shapes, this kind is called "gummi pasta" and doesn't use gelatin.

Haribo Pasta-Frutta

You might find that other similar "hard gummies" are vegan.


Jelly tots are vegan. Here is an official source, it's a list of vegan products by Nestlé.

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