Are there any statistics measuring what percentage of the population of some countries are following a vegan diet?

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    Veganism has become popular around decade. Hence there would be very less percentage of populations. If you ask for vegetarians, then there would be some stats.
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I believe there is currently no reliable dataset that would include the kind of information you are asking about. Although for vegetarianism (with veganism included) there is some data, for veganism it is only for a couple of countries and even for these, the sources are somewhat dubious (like for Israel, where these are estimated by a television poll).

Speaking of Israel though, if the data from the poll can be taken at face value, it is the country with biggest percentage of population that is vegan - 5%. As a piece of interesting trivia, the Israeli army provides vegan meals to their soldiers as well as leather-free boots and wool-free berets.

The other (known) countries with rather big percentage of vegans are for example Sweden (approximately 4% of the population), Japan (2.7% - you have to believe Wikipedia or read Japanese on this one) and possibly Italy (for which the number is estimated between 0.6% to 2.8%). Other countries with more than 1% of population being vegan are - United Kingdom, United States, Germany and Poland.


Here is the list of top 10 countries which has the maximum vegetarian percentage in the world.

India's vegetarians make up around a third of India's population, and two-thirds of the world's vegetarian population.

  1. India -- 29% - 40%

  2. Italy -- 7.1% - 10%

  3. Ethiopia

  4. Lebanon

  5. Turkey

  6. United Kingdom -- 2% - 12%

  7. USA -- 3.3%

  8. Singapore

  9. Jamaica

  10. Israel -- 2.6% - 13%


The list is according to https://collectively.org/article/the-10-most-vegetarian-countries-in-the-world-in-order-of-meatlessness/

The percentages are according to wikipedia. But the percentages are based on different years.

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    The question asks about vegans not vegetarians. Commented Feb 13, 2017 at 19:38
  • @neophyte Thanks for the answer; I was asking for vegans. However knowing about vegetarians is interesting too..
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    Apologies I misread the question. I would edit my answer.
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