I would like to make a vegan "tiramisu". I have found an replacement for "mascarpone" cream, but I still need an replacement for "savoiardi" biscuits that is 100% vegan.

Where can I can buy something similar that's vegan. Any shop in the EU or US is OK but I'm not looking for a biscuit recipe.


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Things change over time and the stores may introduce new products or discontinue others, so ultimately knowing a specific store won't help much to people around the world. I'd usually check some online store or a local vegan website with recommendations on stores. Some of them may be far away but worth checking :)

I know you did not ask for recipe, but as an alternative, making your own 'ladyfingers' biscuits may still be a good idea and shouldn't be a very big effort. When baking, eggs can be replaced by using things such 'aquafaba', chickpea flower or 'flax eggs' (made of ground flex seeds and water).


Finally I found in this store Savoiardi without eggs.

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