I know that nutrition and fast food are usually opposite concepts, but I'm still curious...

A&W Canada recently added plant-based chicken nuggets to their menu (again!). I'm curious about their nutritional profile, especially as compared to regular chicken nuggets, but I'm having a hard time finding any detailed information. So far, this is all I can find:

18 grams of plant-based protein per six pieces [1][2]

Is that considered a "complete" protein? And what about the other macronutrients like fat and carbohydrates? I'm especially interested in a comparison between traditional chicken nuggets and these new plant-based nuggets.

I've tried looking at the Beyond Meat page on the A&W website but it doesn't mention the nuggets at all. And I found this link to a page on their website about plant-based nuggets but it's just a blank page.

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The nutritional info is at https://web.aw.ca/en/our-menu/chicken/beyond-meat-nuggets

Calories     300
Fat          15.6 g
Protein      18   g
Serving Size 120  g

Nutrition Contents
    Sugar          1.44 g
    Carbohydrates  22   g
    Trans Fat      0.18 g
    Saturated Fat  2.40 g
    Cholesterol    0    mg
    Fibre          5    g
    Sodium         518  mg

% of Daily Value
    Calcium   28 %
    Iron      5  %
    Vitamin A 36 %
    Vitamin C 1  %

I found a post on foodgressing.com that provides the nutrition details, then I used Cronometer.com to generate a nutrition label.

American nutrition label, as generated by Cronometer

Nutrition Label (as text)

For people who can't see the image, here's the nutrition label as plain text.

Beyond Meat 10 pieces (without dipping sauce)

Serving size: 200 g

Calories: 500 calories  
Fat:                  26.0 g
  Saturated Fat:       4.0 g
  Trans Fat:           0.3 g
Cholesterol:           0.0 mg
Sodium:              864.0 mg
Total Carbohydrate:   37.0 g
  Sugar:               2.4 g
  Fibre:               8.0 g
Protein:              30.0 g

Calcium:    46% of Daily Value
Iron:       8% of Daily Value
Vitamin A:  60% of Daily Value
Vitamin C:  2% of Daily Value

Cronometer Analysis

Analysis with cronometer shows that the energy (calories) in these plant-based nuggets comes 47% from fat, 24% from protein, and 30% from carbohydrates.

Comparison with Chicken Nuggets

Compared to generic chicken nuggets (NCCDB Food #462860), the A&W plant-based nuggets have...

  • the same calories/energy
  • less fat
  • more protein
  • more carbohydrate
  • the same saturated fat

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