Normally, I use mushroom powder, but now it is out of stock in my place (New Zealand). The alternative to me is MSG or other artificial seasoning powder but I know they are not good for my health. Is there any way to sort the problem regarding seasoning powder out?

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    why don't you use separate spices, or make a custom mix? ... if you are asking about which one to buy, then that is a shopping question, and is off topic – jsotola Apr 21 at 20:27

I usually just go to the spices sections at the supermarket; and pick out different flavours I like and then mix them up. Smoked Paprika is a game changer sometimes. Try youtube vegan mixes for different foods.

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    Welcome to the site and thanks for your answer. I agree. My family don't even like hot spices but we still use mixed herbs, paprika, sage, rosemary, tomato puree, different things are nice in different dishes. Mushroom powder is one I don't think I've encountered myself, might try it if I see any in the shops, it sounds useful - I like mushrooms. – A. B. May 27 at 3:49
  • I love mushrooms as well. Another thing i prefer is garlic salt (the one with 10% garlic and 90% salt), i just use that instead of salt if im making a quick meal. U can make custom mixes and just add sugar that the end so the taste is according to your level of spiciness. – school student in uni May 27 at 10:08

I am not sure if I'm allowed to mention any brands here, but I really like Deliciou.

It is Australian brand and they ship worldwide, so I guess it would be easy for you to order. They are 100% vegan and the ingredients seem to be good as well.

In general, you can make your own spices by mixing basic ingredients. There are many recipes on internet or in any proper vegan cookbooks. Your question is very generic, so I would say just find the mix that works for you.

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