I am getting married, so I just want to know some quick and healthy Indian breakfast recipes that are vegetarian/vegan to impress my in-laws.

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I like making low oil paratha and spreading strawberry jam on top as a health substitute for a donut. Actually, I sometimes take a bite out of the center and call it an Indian donut.

Rolling out the dough takes a little practice but you get good at it fast, the first one you fry may just be a taste tester.

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  1. Pulao (or Pulav) and Pea curry. This is a popular dish in many residential schools. However, there they fry the cooked rice. You might want to make proper Pulao. To the best of my knowledge this combination will provide the full range of Amino acids. According to vegan strongman Patrik Baboumian, to get full range of Amino acids you need one cereal and one pulse. Some salad with the above will pack some vitamins. I studied in a residential school and to this day it happens to be one of my favourite dishes.

  2. Oats Upma. You will need to first boil some peas or gram. Fry it with onions. Then add oats. Once it starts sticking on the pan, pour some water and let it boil for few minutes. Make sure the oats don't get too soft.

  3. Roti made from flour mixed with Besan and potato chop. Lots of carbs though! This is a popular roadside snack.

  4. Paneer paratha Quite similar to Aloo paratha. Instead of potato, you add cheese. Add some curry and some chutney optionally.

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There are many recipes that you can try from Indian breakfast. But I would like to share one that you can easily make with readily available ingredients in your country.

You just need to grate the cauliflower and mix it with some spices, salt, pepper and herbs. Roll out dough, stuff with the filling, roll again and roast. You can serve it with Greek yogurt and pickles. Cauliflower stuffed flatbread is known as Gobi paratha in India.

You can read a simple version of this recipe on this page

cauliflower stuffed flatbread serving with green chutney

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