Because of work reasons I often share meals with different people every other week or so (such as customers, etc.) More often than not, either by refusing food or simply because of the contents of my plate, people notice that I am vegan. This is of course not a problem but then the inevitable happens; People get curious about it and ask A LOT of questions.

In the worst cases, some people even take the opportunity to enumerate all the "reasons" why they think veganism is wrong.

This is not an easy conversation. I would really rather chat about something else than my dietary choices. I feel like living the vegan groundhog day.

How can I politely deflect this curiosity?

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    This is tough. Vegans are often accused of preaching or imposing their views on others but the reverse is common: many non-vegans try to impose their views on us. – badjohn Jul 25 '19 at 12:42

Just be direct with them. Say "Veganism is just my preference and is something I do because of x (health/morals/whatever) and its tiring having the same conversation each day. I'd rather talk about something else".

If they continue to press, express you don't wish to continue the conversation and that you would rather go and eat elsewhere as its tiring repeating yourself. Hopefully they then change the subject. If not, go sit with other people.

If you are worried that people may find it rude, then don't. They are being rude by continuing to press in a subject you have told them you do not wish to converse about.

Unfortunately, this is the only real way to deal with it. All the politeness and niceties in the world won't stop the majority. Sometimes blunt and direct is the best way to communicate


After 15 years of having these conversations, I've found that the most conversation dampening reply is simply "I'm vegan because I don't want to kill animals". This is said in a very matter-of-fact tone, like "it is what it is" kind of reply. I don't have any explanation why it works, but empirically that's what I've found and I use it whenever I'd like to avoid further questioning.

If people continue with their questions, you can use other, non vegan related, tactics to change the topic. If they seem positive and open, suggest sending them some info about it later. If they seem negative or make snarky remarks, simply ignore and say something along the lines of "anyway... moving on" and start talking about something else.

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