The first genetically-modified soybean was introduced two decades ago, and now upwards of 80% of soy cultivated around the world is GMO. We know that approximately 70% of soy currently produced is fed to livestock, mostly in the form of soybean meal, and a fairly small portion is used for human foods.

Vegetarians and vegans often consume a high amount of soy, and may desire to avoid GM foods either for concern about the environment or personal health.

In Canada, non-GMO foods can be recognized when they are labelled as either organic or certified non-GMO by the Non-GMO project.

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So, how wary should we be as consumers? Has GMO soy infiltrated almost every product on supermarket shelves, or is it a rare find in specific foods?

The ideal answer would describe the prevalence of GMO soy among both soy-based products (eg. tofu, tempeh, soy milk, TVP) and non-soy-based products that include soy as an ingredient.

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The great majority of soy-derived foods available for sale in Canada are non-GMO.

Soy Milk

The following brands produce soy milk for sale in Canada and have publicly committed to using 100% non-GMO soybeans: Sunrise, Silk, Natur-a, So Nice, Eden Foods, Vitasoy, Earth's Own, So Good, and Dream Plant Based.

I was not able to confirm that all PC brand (President's Choice) soy beverages use non-GMO beans. They have two product lines, "PC Blue Menu" and "PC Organics" and only PC Organics is confirmed to be non-GMO.

Meat Alternatives

The following brands producing meat alternatives have publicly committed to using only non-GMO soybeans in 100% of their products: Tofurky, Gardein, Sunrise, Field Roast, Sol Cuisine, Wholly Veggie, Big Mountain Foods, Gusta Foods, Bob's Red Mill, Lightlife.

Some brands have non-GMO options but I couldn't find a public commitment to using non-GMO soybeans across the whole product line: Yves, VG Gourmet, Uptons Naturals.

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