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Is Kellogg's Chocos cereal vegan?

It contains Wheat solids (62.6%) {Whole Wheat Flour (31.3%), Wheat Flour (31.3%)}, Sugar, Cocoa Solids (5.4%), Minerals, Edible Vegetable Oil (Palmolein), Malt Extract, Iodized Salt, Color (INS ...

veganism is-it-vegan food labeling  
asked by Ram Keswani 4 votes
answered by Alexander Rossa 6 votes

Is animal dung considered non-vegan?

In Mongolia, animal dung is collected from livestock and used as fire fuel. I think it's used because some areas they live in are poor in wood - it's used to build gers, but too rare to burn. This ...

veganism is-it-vegan  
asked by Andrew Grimm 16 votes
answered by Turion 13 votes

Do some vegetarians eat gelatin?

Gelatin is an animal byproduct. Nonetheless, I know many self-identified vegetarians who eat gelatin anyway. Are there reasons for being vegetarian (e.g. religious) that allow the consumption of ...

is-it-vegetarian gelatin  
asked by C_Z_ 9 votes
answered by MatthewMartin 14 votes

What are some uses for soy 'whey'?

I was wondering what are some common uses for soy 'whey' (leftovers from the coagulation process when making tofu)? I usually use Calcium Chloride or lemon juice, for coagulation, if that makes a ...

food cooking soy  
asked by nadavvadan 11 votes
answered by Jacob Raccuia 4 votes

How can I convince my workplace to offer a better vegan menu?

I actually don't have many choices for my lunches since there aren't a lot of restaurants nearby, and none that has a vegan option. My workplace, though, has a restaurant for takeaway. One drawback ...

veganism outreach  
asked by Niitaku 23 votes
answered by Zanna 13 votes

Would vegetarians eat an animal that died of natural causes?

Why would a vegetarian refuse to eat an animal that dies of a natural death (such as Kapelin, the suicide fish that throws itself upon the bays of Newfoundland two weeks of a given month of a given ...

ethics vegetarian-diet  
asked by Joselin Jocklingson 4 votes
answered by Zanna 6 votes

Are most electronics vegan/vegetarian?

Are there any non-vegan components of consumer electronics? For example, any adhesive that may be used in the case. I own an older laptop, and would be interested in the results.

asked by digital illusion 17 votes
answered by N. Cornet 11 votes
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