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How to replace cashews in vegan cheese?

Many recipes for vegan cheese use cashews as a base. I have to avoid these recipes because I am highly allergic to cashews. Due to the nature of the allergy, I also have to avoid most tree nuts. What ...

veganism food cooking substitutes  
asked by nloewen 12 votes
answered by Zanna 5 votes

At what age can a kid change their diet from vegetarian to vegan?

We usually give kids cow/goat milk, ghee and some products for better health (calcium for strong bones and so on). At what age we can change a kid's diet to vegan from vegetarian without affecting ...

veganism transitioning-diets children  
asked by i-- 19 votes
answered by Zanna 15 votes

Is there an effective way to make vegan "souffle" pancakes (an airy, fluffy batter)?

When I was vegetarian, I made small, light, fluffy, puffy pancakes. The batter consisted of spelt flour, ricotta, orange oil, honey and eggs. Crucially, the egg whites were beaten until stiff before ...

veganism cooking egg-substitutes  
asked by Zanna 11 votes
answered by Turion 6 votes

Does a vegan diet actually cause weight loss?

I've heard many places (just google the title of this question) that a vegan diet causes weight loss, usually in the context of trying to lose weight. Does a healthy vegan diet actually cause weight ...

veganism health scientific-studies weight-management  
asked by Riker 21 votes
answered by Attilio 13 votes

How can I convince my workplace to offer a better vegan menu?

I actually don't have many choices for my lunches since there aren't a lot of restaurants nearby, and none that has a vegan option. My workplace, though, has a restaurant for takeaway. One drawback ...

veganism outreach  
asked by Niitaku 21 votes
answered by Zanna 13 votes

Are commercial figs vegan?

My parents have a fig tree and, apart from the occasional worm or bug that might reside in the fig and then be eaten by us, those figs are vegan and grown with vegan methods (we basically just water ...

veganism commercial-farming is-it-vegan fruits  
asked by ecc 16 votes
answered by coinbird 7 votes

Where does the B12 in vitamin supplements come from?

I know that many animal products contain vitamin B12 and that it's very hard or even impossible to get enough from plant-based food. There are supplements which vegans should take. But what are these ...

vitamins-and-minerals b12 supplements  
asked by Den 20 votes
answered by Riker 17 votes
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