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What kinds of vegan sausage casings/skins are there?

I would like to make my own vegan sausages at some point, but I have no clue about vegan casings/skins. Do edible ones exist or are they all inedible? Are some much more processed than others? Do ...

veganism substitutes cooking  
user avatar asked by Nobody Score of 8
user avatar answered by Zanna Score of 4

At what age can a kid change their diet from vegetarian to vegan?

We usually give kids cow/goat milk, ghee and some products for better health (calcium for strong bones and so on). At what age we can change a kid's diet to vegan from vegetarian without affecting ...

veganism transitioning-diets children  
user avatar asked by i-- Score of 21
user avatar answered by Zanna Score of 16

Reasons for being vegetarian or vegan other than ethical reasons?

I met a lot of people that, even though they have strong reasons for being vegan or vegetarian, or even work saving or helping animals, etc. have failed to follow their principles and ended up ...

veganism philosophy  
user avatar asked by I.G. Pascual Score of 47
user avatar answered by dsgriffin Score of 45

Are there any famous world leaders (politics, religion) who are vegan/vegetarian?

Who are famous world leaders (politics, religion) who live on a vegan/vegetarian diet? (Define famous: presidents, vice presidents, religious heads)

veganism vegetarian-diet  
user avatar asked by bw3b Score of 12
user avatar answered by gerrit Score of 8

Do any major religions promote or require a vegetarian diet?

Do any major religions promote or require a vegetarian diet? If so, what is the reason for this?

outreach vegetarian-diet religion  
user avatar asked by dsgriffin Score of 39
user avatar answered by Nog Shine Score of 29

Is it advisable to avoid seitan?

Many vegans and vegetarians use seitan (wheat gluten, see this answer) as a substitute for meat, since it has a similar texture and is high in proteins. However I've recently heard some skepticism ...

health substitutes meat-substitutes  
user avatar asked by Attilio Score of 13

Cheapest vegan protein options

What are the foods with the best price per protein ratio in the UK? I feel that protein is the main obstacle to a vegan diet, and so I would like to learn about possible options from you experienced ...

veganism protein uk  
user avatar asked by mrnovice Score of 9
user avatar answered by WetlabStudent Score of 7
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