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Top new questions this week:

Best environmentally friendly dairy free milk?

There are so many dairy-free milk options out there, but it is hard to determine if some are actually more detrimental to the environment (almond milk, for example has a high sustainability rating on ...

veganism sustainability  
asked by Genevieve Score of 6
answered by Sasho Andrijeski Score of 1

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How can I make vegan ice cream myself without expensive equipment?

I really love vegan ice cream, and I would love to learn how to make it myself. I know the banana trick*, but I want something richer. The ice creams I buy are coconut, cashew or rice based. I have ...

veganism dairy-substitutes recipe-request  
asked by Zanna Score of 13
answered by Mithical Score of 6

How can I tell if wheat flour is vegan?

In another answer, I learned that some flour is not vegan because it may have been bleached with bone char. When I'm shopping, what do I need to look for to ensure I'm getting vegan flour?

veganism is-it-vegan  
asked by Erica Score of 14
answered by Ramon Melo Score of 8

Why is the temperature limit for raw food set to 42 C / 108 F?

Some vegans choose to follow a raw food diet. I don't know much about this topic, but I've heard that food can be considered raw if it's not processed at more than 42 degrees Celsius (about 108 ...

diet raw rawfood-diet  
asked by Attilio Score of 8
answered by Erica Score of 10

Are McDonald's fries vegan in Canada?

I've heard mixed information about whether McDonald's fries are vegan. There's mixed information about flavourings used in manufacture, or different fats used for deep frying. Even this recent Reddit ...

is-it-vegan restaurant canada  
asked by Nic Score of 4
answered by istepaniuk Score of 8

What percentage of farm animals are mistreated in some way?

Many non-veg*ns agree that various practices on farms are cruel and do not wish to support them, but believe that the practices are rare. Is this true? I'm looking for statistics from any country on ...

outreach livestock-industry animal-welfare statistics  
asked by Alex Hall Score of 16
answered by Alex Hall Score of 18

Where does the B12 in vitamin supplements come from?

I know that many animal products contain vitamin B12 and that it's very hard or even impossible to get enough from plant-based food. There are supplements which vegans should take. But what are these ...

vitamins-and-minerals b12 supplements  
asked by Den Score of 29
answered by Riker Score of 23

How common is it for the livestock industry to supplement B12?

In debates, the contra side often claims veganism can’t be good because vegans have to supplement B12 (appeal to nature), while the pro side sometimes claims that even carnists supplement B12 ...

b12 commercial-farming supplements livestock-industry  
asked by unor Score of 12
answered by LennonR Score of 4

Can you answer this question?

Organic produce in plastic

Is anyone aware of any campaigns to reduce the amount of plastic packaging for organic produce? They are typically the only vegetables/fruit in a grocery store that are often individually wrapped in ...

asked by Genevieve Score of 3
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