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Top new questions this week:

What happens when an animal gets spooked on the way to slaughter and refuses to continue?

Apologies if this isn't appropriate for this SE - it was the most relevant one I could find. When animals are being led to slaughter, I imagine it must happen occasionally that one gets the sense ...

animal-welfare animal-suffering agriculture  
asked by Rumps 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Is there such thing as a vegan pregnancy test?

Some pregnancy tests (as far as I know most/all) use animal antibodies, called monoclonal antibodies. These antibodies are grown/farmed from animals, often mice or rabbits. Because these pregnancy ...

asked by Riker 29 votes
answered by ShanMag 7 votes

Do any major religions promote or require a vegetarian diet?

Do any major religions promote or require a vegetarian diet? If so, what is the reason for this?

outreach vegetarian-diet religion  
asked by dsgriffin 33 votes
answered by Nog Shine 28 votes

What is the standard way for conveying vegan and vegetarian as separate icons?

I am working on a menu website project, one of the requirements is to have an icon for Vegetarian and an icon for Vegan. During my research I couldn't find any sort of definitive answer as to 'XXX is ...

asked by Jobokai 15 votes
answered by Alexander Rossa 6 votes

Any studies linking vitamin B12, melatonin, and sleep

Is there a study out there that links vitamin B12 specifically with lowered or raised melatonin? And related to that, is there any relation to high amounts of B12, and lack of sleep or other sleep ...

vitamins-and-minerals b12 hypervitaminosis  
asked by middleagedgeezer 7 votes
answered by chiliNUT 7 votes

How common is it for the livestock industry to supplement B12?

In debates, the contra side often claims veganism can’t be good because vegans have to supplement B12 (appeal to nature), while the pro side sometimes claims that even carnists supplement B12 ...

b12 commercial-farming supplements livestock-industry  
asked by unor 10 votes
answered by LennonR 3 votes

How can I replace eggs when making an omelette?

I really like omelettes and being Spanish I used to prepare Spanish omelette quite often before becoming vegan. I would like to try to make one again so I was wondering, how can I replace the eggs ...

veganism substitutes egg-substitutes  
asked by A. A. 17 votes
answered by A. A. 10 votes

What kinds of vegan sausage casings/skins are there?

I would like to make my own vegan sausages at some point, but I have no clue about vegan casings/skins. Do edible ones exist or are they all inedible? Are some much more processed than others? Do ...

veganism substitutes cooking  
asked by Nobody 6 votes
answered by Zanna 4 votes
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