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Is it true that no traditional culture ever subsisted on a pure plant-based diet?

Dr. Weston A. Price claims in his Nutrition and Physical Degeneration that a plant-based diet never sustained any traditional culture. As yet I have not found a single group of primitive racial ...

health diet history plant-based society  
asked by Geremia 14 votes
answered by Geremia 2 votes

Are there risks from eating too much nutritional yeast?

Nutritional yeast is a very high source of protein with about 50% of energy coming from protein content in the food. In addition to protein, nutritional yeast also provides a variety of vitamins and ...

health nutrition vitamins-and-minerals protein yeast  
asked by Nic 7 votes
answered by Nic 6 votes

If vegans don't drink milk, why are they okay with breastfeeding?

Why is it that some vegans don't use dairy products, but still breast-feed their babies? Isn't this same idea of a mother cow breastfeeding their babies? Is it about animal cruelty, animal product ...

veganism ethics dairy-products milk  
asked by kenorb 5 votes
answered by Robert Longson 29 votes

Are commercial figs vegan?

My parents have a fig tree and, apart from the occasional worm or bug that might reside in the fig and then be eaten by us, those figs are vegan and grown with vegan methods (we basically just water ...

veganism commercial-farming is-it-vegan fruits  
asked by ecc 14 votes
answered by coinbird 5 votes

Are leavening agents vegan?

Some packaged foods contain leavening agents. For example, the Cadbury's Chocolate Oreo sold in India contains leavening agents E500(ii) and E503(ii). All I could find out, anything except that baking ...

veganism food-additives  
asked by Ram Keswani 4 votes
answered by Zanna 7 votes

How can I ask my guests to eat vegan when I host them?

When I host an event or have guests over to my home, how can I insist that they do not bring animal products to consume at the event? In particular, I am interested in how to handle ethical opposition ...

veganism outreach living-with-omnivores  
asked by nloewen 17 votes
answered by Adam Miller 16 votes

How common is it for the livestock industry to supplement B12?

In debates, the contra side often claims veganism can’t be good because vegans have to supplement B12 (appeal to nature), while the pro side sometimes claims that even carnists supplement B12 ...

b12 commercial-farming supplements livestock-industry  
asked by unor 9 votes
answered by LennonR 3 votes
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