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What are some uses for soy 'whey'?

I was wondering what are some common uses for soy 'whey' (leftovers from the coagulation process when making tofu)? I usually use Calcium Chloride or lemon juice, for coagulation, if that makes a ...

food cooking soy  
asked by nadavvadan 10 votes
answered by Jacob Raccuia 4 votes

Do some vegetarians eat gelatin?

Gelatin is an animal byproduct. Nonetheless, I know many self-identified vegetarians who eat gelatin anyway. Are there reasons for being vegetarian (e.g. religious) that allow the consumption of ...

is-it-vegetarian gelatin  
asked by C_Z_ 8 votes
answered by MatthewMartin 14 votes

Is wine considered vegan?

As per this Wikipedia article many wines are apparently made using a catalyst that is an animal byproduct. The finings settle to the bottom and are removed. So when consuming the wine, there are no ...

veganism is-it-vegan  
asked by mroll 14 votes
answered by Nic 11 votes

What kinds of vegan sausage casings/skins are there?

I would like to make my own vegan sausages at some point, but I have no clue about vegan casings/skins. Do edible ones exist or are they all inedible? Are some much more processed than others? Do ...

veganism substitutes cooking  
asked by Nobody 7 votes
answered by Zanna 4 votes

Is it possible to make silk without killing the creatures that produce it?

I know that the silkworms are killed in the process of making silk, and so I try to avoid buying it. Although any process that uses animals may be considered non-vegan even if the animals are not ...

veganism fabric  
asked by Zanna 19 votes
answered by Nog Shine 16 votes

Why are so many YouTubers giving up veganism now?

Recently there has been a rash of YouTube personalities who have very publicly stopped practicing veganism. Examples: Rawvana - Raw Alignment - Kalel - Tim Shieff - Bonny Rebecca - East Coast Creep - ...

veganism society  
asked by Nic 4 votes
answered by MatthewMartin 8 votes

How can I convince my workplace to offer a better vegan menu?

I actually don't have many choices for my lunches since there aren't a lot of restaurants nearby, and none that has a vegan option. My workplace, though, has a restaurant for takeaway. One drawback ...

veganism outreach  
asked by Niitaku 22 votes
answered by Zanna 13 votes
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