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How common is it for the livestock industry to supplement B12?

In debates, the contra side often claims veganism can’t be good because vegans have to supplement B12 (appeal to nature), while the pro side sometimes claims that even carnists supplement B12 ...

b12 commercial-farming supplements livestock-industry  
asked by unor 11 votes
answered by LennonR 3 votes

Why is Co-op Fairtrade Dark Chocolate not vegan?

I am looking at a bar of Co-op Fairtrade Dark Chocolate. It is labelled as suitable for vegetarians but not vegans. The reason is not obvious to me. Here are the listed ingredients: Sugar, Cocoa ...

is-it-vegan labeling uk  
asked by badjohn 4 votes
answered by Zanna 4 votes

Is there a vegan alternative to beeswax for wooden furniture?

Many polishes for wooden furniture are made with beeswax or other animal-derived ingredients. As a vegan, I'm refusing buying any of those products. Does any alternative to beeswax for polishing ...

veganism substitutes bees  
asked by Niitaku 8 votes
answered by middleagedgeezer 3 votes

Do some vegetarians eat gelatin?

Gelatin is an animal byproduct. Nonetheless, I know many self-identified vegetarians who eat gelatin anyway. Are there reasons for being vegetarian (e.g. religious) that allow the consumption of ...

is-it-vegetarian gelatin  
asked by C_Z_ 8 votes
answered by MatthewMartin 14 votes

How to replace cashews in vegan cheese?

Many recipes for vegan cheese use cashews as a base. I have to avoid these recipes because I am highly allergic to cashews. Due to the nature of the allergy, I also have to avoid most tree nuts. What ...

veganism food cooking substitutes  
asked by nloewen 12 votes
answered by Zanna 5 votes

What's a vegetarian substitute for Parmesan?

My recipe for Macaroni Cheese (or Mac and Cheese) requires some parmesan, but parmesan isn't vegetarian as it uses Rennet. Are there any Vegetarian or Vegan "free from" parmesan substitutes in the UK ...

cooking substitutes lacto-ovo-vegetarianism uk  
asked by George 26 votes
answered by Rand al'Thor 14 votes

Why is the temperature limit for raw food set to 42 C / 108 F?

Some vegans choose to follow a raw food diet. I don't know much about this topic, but I've heard that food can be considered raw if it's not processed at more than 42 degrees Celsius (about 108 ...

diet raw rawfood-diet  
asked by Attilio 8 votes
answered by Erica 10 votes
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